Hi I'm Akring

An independent developer focuses on mobile app and web development. I also develop interesting software for macOS.


What I do


Mobile App

I have 8 years of experience in mobile app development, and I specialize in developing various interesting and practical apps for mobile platforms. I place great emphasis on user experience and stability. Whether it's native development for Apple platforms or cross-platform development with Flutter, I can handle it with ease.


Web dev

In addition to mobile app development, I am an experienced web developer who focuses on creating beautiful and responsive web pages. I master multiple web technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and React, and prioritize user experience and page performance. If you need to develop stunning and responsive web pages or other related projects, please feel free to contact me.


Open source

I am an active open-source software contributor. I love to contribute to the open-source community and have my own Github account where I have made contributions and maintained several open-source projects. I believe in the power of open-source culture and am always willing to collaborate with other developers to create more value for the community.

My projects

Star Order

Star Order is a cross-platform app for GitHub users. You can add tags and favorite any of your stared repositories, to make them orgnized and easy to find.


Fasting is a great cross-platform app for you to record and arrange your fasting interval.